A visit to the GP

On my return from holiday in the middle of August, I booked an appointment to see my GP. The lump in my left breast was still there although it didn’t appear to have grown. I opted to see a female doctor at a time that wouldn’t affect my work schedule. Being a deputy headteacher in a primary school, I was keen not to have time out of the school day. Therefore, an appointment 3 weeks later at 4.40pm seemed like a good option.

My doctor examined both of my breasts and asked me when I had noticed the lump. She asked me about family history (there is none) and about my general health. She summarised that I am fit and young (nice to hear at 45 years old!) The doctor then proceeded to give me her analysis which was that it felt squidgy with irregular edges and that it should be checked out in case it is cancer. There you have it – the ‘c’ word was out there. I asked if squidgy is good or bad. Her response was that squidgy is good.

As I stood up to leave the room, having been told that I would hear from the hospital within 2 weeks, the doctor looked downcast. She told me that my appointment would involve a scan and a mammogram and revealed that they may do a biopsy there and then.

My husband, the only person privvy to the fact that I had found a lump, was shocked at the possibility of this being as serious as he had feared.

The journey had just started.

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