Waiting for the referral

The waiting game had begun. I knew I was going to be given an appointment within 2 weeks of seeing my GP but the wait was unbearable. I couldn’t help Googling breast cancer symptoms and real life stories about lumps which had turned out to be non-cancerous. I had convinced myself that my lump was a fibroadenoma which is a benign lump not necessarily needing any treatment. My husband was more cautious and didn’t want to be falsely reassured. Difficult times.

This was also the time to share my information with some of my work colleagues as I was inevitably going to need some time off to attend the hospital. My news of finding a lump was met with sympathetic and supportive comments. No one seemed unduly worried and people tried to reassure me that I had done the right thing by getting it checked.

Finally, a text came through from the hospital on Friday 22nd September as I got in from work. There was a link to an appointment letter,  telling me that I was scheduled in for the following Thursday morning.

I was keen to get some answers after what felt like a long wait already.


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