Supportive family and friends

The day after results were shared with many people, life resumed and we got on with our respective jobs. It was lovely to be in school with my class. Children are fantastic company and keep me smiling all the time. Members of staff  who had heard my news offered kind words and hugs of support. My working day was particularly long with a senior leaders meeting after school and a governors meeting that evening. I certainly didn’t have time to worry, feel sad or speculate over the next set of results. Around 6.30pm, a message came through on my phone, confirming my apointment for the results of my second biopsy for the following Wednesday. Reality check.

When I got home, a delightful goody bag awaited me in the hallway. My parents had left me a TLC bag which contained chocolates, some loungewear to snuggle in, alcohol aimed at various members of the family (cider for my son, beer for my husband and pink fizz for me) and a lucky charm keyring for my daughter (the non- drinker of the family). How lovely!

The following day proved to be a little more tricky. My boss had asked me how I would like to proceed in terms of letting staff know. We decided that he would make an announcement in our Friday morning briefing, which he duly did. What followed was intermittent visits from my lovely work mates who offered support and hugs. All gratefully received but difficult nonetheless. Prayers were said for me at lunchtime. I was truly touched by the kindness of everyone I work with. I went home with some cards to read, again showing the overwhelming support fron everyone.

I got home Friday to some flowers from my husband. Pink roses – part of my wedding bouquet. My daughter was on her way home for the weekend. The 4 of us ate Chinese take away together and enjoyed our little family unit.

On Saturday, my sister in law visited with gifts and we had a lovely chat over a cup of tea. Then we popped next door to my parents who plied us with tea and biscuits. We talked in more detail about my possible treatment and plans were discussed as to how many meals my mother would cook for us during difficult times ahead. Throughout the day, messages continued to flow in and we spoke to people who we hadn’t had a chance to call sooner.

We finished our day with a fondue for 4. It was comforting to be together. Throughout Sunday, phonecalls and messages continued to come in. My daughter was scheduled to return to uni in the afternoon and we had an ice hockey game to watch in the evening. A fairly normal day.

Not long until Wednesday now. I remain positive that it will all be OK.


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