Coping Mechanisms

Some people turn to alcohol during times of stress. Others may comfort eat. My coping mechanism is shopping for clothes online. It’s just an easy escape. Over the last fortnight I have bought two dresses, a pair of slippers and two pairs of pyjamas. All in the sale of course – I love a bargain!

The other thing which is helpful is offloading my thoughts to this blog. It is getting frustrating waking up in the early hours with many thoughts whizzing around in my head. Maybe writing them down will be a way to regain some sleep.

My husband’s coping mechanism is definitely food related. We went for another meal last night, just us two. I would have been happy with a poached egg on toast for my dinner but then I thought, why not go out? It occurred to me that I should make the most of feeling well enough to still do this.

There has still been tremendous support from family and friends. People I haven’t had contact with for years have sent lovely messages and it has made me realise how lucky I am. The thing which will help me through this (alongside an expensive shopping habit!) is without doubt knowing that I am supported by lovely people who care. I am truly grateful for all of the messages, visitors, gifts and phone calls. I had a visit from my 2 year old nephew the other evening and he gives the best hugs!

Onwards to tomorrow’s results which are constantly on my mind. I just want to know now so I can start thinking ahead. I read the booklet from the hospital about chemotherapy for the first time the other night. They have said I may not need it and I hope I really won’t.

We’ll find out soon.

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