Pre operation assessment

Today I had an apointment at the treatment centre for my pre operation assessment. This is the same place where I will go on Friday for my operation so now I sort of know what to expect.

The pre assessment was basically a check to ensure I am in good enough health to go under general anaesthetic, or an MOT as my husband put it. On arrival, I had to complete a medical questionnaire and by the time I had finished it I was called in by a nurse. She did various checks, including my height, weight, blood pressure, blood tests and an ECG. All seems fine – my BMI is 22 which puts me in the bracket of people with greatest longevity according to google. My heart is working well – good to know, and my blood presure was fine. The blood test results will be available tomorrow but I am sure there won’t be any problems.

Finally, I was given a booklet with information about surgery and the nurse explained what will happen when I come back on Friday. So, a bit of reading to do and a bag to pack and that’s all for today.

The bad news is, I’m not allowed any alcohol from now until 48 hours after my operation. Wish I hadn’t opened that bottle of wine last night then…


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