Post surgery thoughts



It’s been a few days since my operation and I am feeling surprisingly OK. I really wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of pain, etc. so the fact that I am up and dressed is a pleasant surprise. I feel tired and light headed but the wounds are relatively painless. I have been doing my exercises (the breast cancer nurse phoned me today to check that I was doing them!) and I have managed to stay awake for visitors!

1542029456187872185789So, what am I doing to pass the time? Well, not usually having time for certain hobbies has created an opportunity here. I am finally pursuing my story writing for young children and I can now spend some more time practising playing the keyboard.  In addition, my cat is benefitting from lots of extra cuddles! Sadly, I won’t be playing badminton any time soon but luckily there are plenty of nice places to go for a walk instead.

What has helped my journey through this stage enormously is the continued support and get well wishes from family and friends. The photos show some of the kind messages and gifts I have received for which I am truly grateful

I guess I am feeling lucky that I am surrounded by lovely people.

The journey slowly continues.





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