It’s Chemo Eve!

It’s chemo eve – It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Christmas Eve, does it? However, just like crimbo, I have been busy today preparing for the big day tomorrow. No carrots for Rudolph or lists for Santa – although I might ask the good man for a clean bill of health given half the chance. No, I spent my day addressing some of the likely issues I will face as a result of going through chemo: namely damaged nails and hair loss, oh, and the small matter of not being able to have a lot of restaurant food over the coming months.

This morning, I painted my nails dark red using my Mum’s Chanel, top brand as recommended by my favourite oncologist. In the afternoon,  I went for a wig consultation which was a strange experience. Here was my chance to create a new image…should I go for pink hair as one of the breast care nurses suggested? Or should I opt for long, blonde locks, the complete opposite to my shortish, dark, wavy bob? Call me boring but I wanted something that resembles me at the very least. So I went into the salon with a good idea of what my wig should look like. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist trying on a few outrageous wigs and it was fun! I hasten to add that they didn’t suit me in the slightest and should I decide to go ahead and order a wig, I shall stick to the original plan, which is something that looks a bit like me.

The lady in the salon was brilliant, allowing me plenty of time and talking me through all of the information (who would have thought there was so much involved?) Having narrowed it down to two wigs, I left the salon, knowing that I can order one and have it within 48 hours so there is no need to rush into anything. I must say, wigs are not the most comfortable thing to wear, so I will wait and see how much hair I lose and whether I want to stick to headscarves as a cover up or have a wig as an option. Having sorted out my nails and hair in the same day, I felt as if I was getting ready for a prom, not a gruelling dose of chemo!

20190204_110134-11   img-20190204-wa0023-8




As it was lunchtime by now, we decided to have a bite to eat in a lovely Italian restaurant. I think I can truly say that since the weekend, I have made up for the fact that I won’t able to have take aways and the same amount of restaurant visits that I am used to for the next 5 to 8 months.


Lunch was followed by a visit from a dear friend, and then the nerves started to set in. Whilst there is nothing left to do in terms of preparation, I can’t help feeling out of control, which I suppose is normal as I just don’t know how I will react to all this.

That just leaves me to say, my chemo prep is done, my bag is packed and I’m good to go.


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