Radiotherapy Week 2

I am now officially halfway through my radiotherapy treatment and it has flown by, unlike chemotherapy which dragged on miserably for months. The tiredness has continued to consume me and I have been relying on afternoon naps almost every day. Happily, my skin is not showing any signs of soreness yet which is probably partly due to Aveeno being my best friend at the moment.

The appointments have been exactly the same as last week, other than one session where I was measured up for the ‘boost’ which will happen during the last week of treatment. The boost is given via proton beam radiotherapy which basically attacks the scar where the tumour was removed. So far, radiotherapy has been given to the entire breast area whereas this will be more specific.

The measuring up involved the attachment of a metal device with long rods to the usual equipment. I was then told this device would actually touch my skin – good job they warned me as it was freezing! The radiologists then proceeded to draw lots of marks on me and carry out a tracing so they know exactly where to position the equipment for the last 5 sessions. Apparently, I won’t need to do any breath holding for the boost sessions – yay!

So, 10 more sessions to go and then this treatment can join chemo in my distant memories. Hubby will be relieved that we won’t need to do the mad dash across the city in rush hour traffic for much longer. In the meantime, he can make the most of the free drinks and fruit, but sadly no bacon sarnies. The downside of a private hospital?

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