Radiotherapy Week 3

The side effects of radiotherapy are much more noticeable this week. I have had 15 sessions now but by the 11th treatment, I already noticed a darkening of the skin on my left breast. At first it looked like a suntan but since the other breast remains white and since I haven’t sunbathed topless, I knew this was an effect of the radiation. I could almost do with having radiotherapy to the other side as well to even out the suntan!

Tiredness is still a major problem. I suffer from it more in the afternoons so I have been trying to get things done in the mornings while I still have some energy. Having said that, by the weekend I need to lie in like a teenager as I feel the effects of an entire week’s radiotherapy.

The other things I have experienced are some tingling of the skin, a stiff and sore shoulder and general pain in my left arm. The skin is easily relieved with Aloe Vera gel straight from the fridge. Lovely and cool! The sore shoulder and arm are a bit annoying, especially in bed as I can’t lie on my left side. I have been doing my Breast Cancer Care stretches any time my left arm feels a bit swollen as I really don’t want lymphoedema to kick in.

Best bit about radiotherapy: the music. My favourite song this week was ‘Turn’ by Travis as it was very apt with the machines turning around during my treatment.

Worst bit about radiotherapy: the breath hold. Keep feeling like I’m about to burst!

Just 5 more sessions to go and no breath holding for this lot.

Ready to be zapped!

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