From hair to there

Hair loss is one of the most awful experiences and one which I had to endure during chemotherapy. Those of you who have followed my blog will know that I cold capped and managed to keep a decent amount of hair. Nevertheless, since finishing chemo my hair became harder to maintain due to the regrowth making battle with the thinned lengths. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had a range of colours which would put a rainbow to shame. So the time came to have it cut – very short. You may be wondering why I went through the pains of cold capping to then have all my hair cut off? Fair question. What I would say is that I appreciated having the look of longer hair underneath the various headscarves which I wore throughout treatment but that I now need to encourage my hair to grow more thick and even in colour. That is what led me to go to the hairdresser and trust me, I thought long and hard about it.

So here we have it. My hair in pictures, or ‘From hair to there’.

Long hair before chemo.
Haircut before chemo to make the cold cap more manageable.
Hairloss started from day 16 of my first chemo cycle. It mainly went from the top, sides and underneath. Here you can see my receding hairline.
Goodbye sideburns!
Headscarf 1 – For all the pink outfits
Headscarf 2 – For all the blue outfits.
Headscarf 3 – A casual look.
Headscarf 4 with fringe piece attached. This time I tucked my real hair into the hat.
Hair after 5 chemo sessions. It still looked salvageable at this point.
It started to grow back from cycle 4 onwards but little did I know how hard it would make the rest of my hair to manage.
Return of the sideburns.
Haircut 6 weeks after chemo. It had actually grown but it was very straggly due to the hairloss from underneath.
Haircut 12 weeks after finishing chemo.
Now it can grow!

It is taking me a while to get used to the cropped look but I am happier with the overall thickness and colour of it. I suppose in a way my hair is looking healthier and therefore mirroring how I feel. One major plus point is how quickly it dries after washing! No more waiting around for me to get ready in the mornings…apart from the make up, but that’s for another blog post.

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