Questions to ask the Oncologist/Breast Care Nurse

Before starting chemotherapy, you are bound to have a lot of questions – I know I did! Here is a list to get you started:

  1. How many cycles of chemotherapy will I have?
  2. How often will I need to attend the hospital?
  3. How long will each session take?
  4. How will chemotherapy be administered? Will I need a PICC line or Portacath?
  5. Which drugs will be used?
  6. What are the common side effects of the drugs?
  7. How can these be prevented/combated?
  8. Are there any foods and drinks I should avoid?
  9. Are there any activities I should avoid? (e.g. sports, visits to public places, etc.)
  10. Can I carry on taking my regular medication (if applicable)?
  11. When is my immunity at its lowest?
  12. Is it worth trying scalp cooling/cold cap? If so, what do I need to know to prepare?
  13. How can I find out about buying a wig in case of hair loss?
  14. Who can I contact if I feel bad at night time and weekends?
  15. Can I carry on working?
  16. What do I need to bring to my appointments?