Good news!

Just over a year to the day of being diagnosed, I was invited to attend a follow up mammogram. Strangely, I wasn’t feeling too nervous as I fully expected the intensive treatment I have been through (and am still having) had sent the cancer packing. I was more apprehensive about the procedure itself rather than the result because I found it pretty painful before treatment, never mind with healing still going on. I was right to be worried – it hurt a lot! Nevertheless, my appointment was soon over so of course a visit to the cafe was in order for a bacon sandwich. (Hasn’t he gone off them yet?)

Waiting for the results turned into a long haul as 3 weeks later I hadn’t heard anything yet. Whilst reassuring myself that if there was anything to worry about, I would have been notified by now, I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t tick off another milestone. Finally, 3 weeks and 2 days after having my mammogram, I received the great news that there was no evidence of malignancy. What a relief!

So now I can say I am officially NED (No Evidence of Disease) which is something I’ve been hoping to say for a long time. Whilst treatment is still continuing, at least I know it’s done the job and kicked cancer’s behind.

Sarah 1 – Cancer 0

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